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Learn how to write a review on google, yelp and facebook

Reviews are a great way to leave positive feedback for a company you enjoyed working with; they are also a good place to warn other consumers of bad products and services as well! Many review sites require that you have an account, but several also let you have the option of leaving anonymous feedback.

Simply follow the steps below and you'll be a reviewing pro in no time!

Do you have a Google Plus account?

If you aren't a Google Plus user yet, simply click here to signup.
Once you've done that you can now leave reviews for any business listed. The best reviews not only have star ratings but also a detailed written review about why you liked or didn't like the service/product. The first 4-8 words are bolded, so make them count! A summary or description works best. Watch a video on how to do it!


Do you have a Yelp account?

If you aren't a Yelp user yet, simply click here to signup.
Yelp prides itself on having real reviews by real people, but many of the same rules Google has are applied here as well. Be concise but thorough, fair but honest and upload pictures if you can! Watch a video on how to do it!


Do you have a Facebook account?

If you aren't a Facebook user yet, simply click here to signup.
Simply type the name of the place you wish to review in the search bar. Click the page you wish to review and scroll down the right side of the page. You'll see a reviews box where you can rate with stars and leave a text review.



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